Humane Method of Removing the Snake

Pittsburgh snake

While snakes are mostly harmless and beneficial to our surroundings, most of us will not be happy with the idea of sharing our space with them. If you have a venomous snake, it should be immediately removed from the human dwellings. Even non-venomous snakes could be undesirable during some circumstances. If you live in a vulnerable community to snake attacks, you can surround the perimeter of your house with a snake fence. However, there may also be some situations when the snake is already present in your house before the fence was installed.

What Are Some Humane Methods in Removing the Snakes?
Using poison and glue traps are not only inhumane, it also exposes the non-targeted animal to the same risk. Additionally, the animal will experience unparalleled agony and pain before they eventually succumb to death. For instance, the snake will not die due to the glue; they will suffer from a high level of stress while their body is attached to the sticky trap. They will later die due to dehydration, which can take a long time. Therefore, we only recommend the humane method when removing the snake. Here are some of them.
· Using Snake Tongs and Snake Bags- With this, you can guarantee that both the animal and you will remain safe during the removal procedure. There are different snake tongs variations; look for a collapsible snake tong with a pole made from a sturdy material. It should also give you a good grip on the snake. After capturing the snake, place them inside the snake bag that will keep them calm.
· Snake Traps- When using traps, the placement of the traps plays a vital role in the success of capturing the animal. Snakes will generally capture live animal species, so it would be challenging to use prey to lure them inside the cage. One trick is to heat the dead animal to keep them warm before using them as bait. Place the trap close to the den or the hunting ground of the snake.

Why Should I Use Humane Methods?
There are various reasons why we are encouraging people to use the humane method. Perhaps the most important one is that you are remaining in compliance with the law. Some snakes are protected under federal law. Additionally, most states will also have regulations on killing snakes. Killing the snake if it does not pose an immediate threat may be illegal.

Additionally, the humane method is more effective. The equipment that you will use is specially designed to control the activities of the snakes. Snakes are essential in keeping the balance in our ecosystem. Moreover, their venom can be used as a medicine. Some venoms have been discovered to contain anti-tumor, anti-inflammation, and antibacterial properties.

When you encounter a snake in your yard, it would be best to remain calm. If this is your first time handling this situation, it would be better to call the professional and ask them to conduct the snake removal procedure. Go back to the home page: Snakes of Pittsburgh